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    that's what darts does for me XD!

    "much better" LOL!
    What is Feeling?
    Feeling is primarily a process.....that imparts to the content a definite value in the sense of acceptance or rejection. In the same way that thinking organizes the contents of consciousness under concepts, feeling arranges them according to their value. Feeling, like thinking, is a rational function, since values in general are assigned according to the laws of reason...
    (Carl Jung, Psychological Types, Chapter XI - Definitions)

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    My goodness so much mind clutter.

    The strangeness of the past few months I'm finding is that a great many energies are finding stressful situations in their life as a culmination, this pattern I see around me I'm gobsmacked by the severity. Anyway expressing your frustrations and anger are brilliant. I would certainly see this as a healthy form of expression along the emotional guidance scale.

    I would say that acceptance of being, refocusing from the these negative states and moving forward toward positive states. Its about internal lacks and wants, rather than focusing on that which lacking and carrying forward your assumptive focus towards those feelings. By expanding them the longer you focus upon them, its about trying to refocus and return to your self the focus of abundance or rather aspirations, affirmations of positive intentions. Expanding your awareness towards the good qualities within yourself and others through gratitude.

    Rather than focusing on these events moving up the emotional scale with a more foundational self belief and assertion in yourself without the distortion of mind clutter that feeds and reinforces your subconscious minds view of how things are. For this frequency tends to amplify then and you find what is wrong, what is negative, what is lacking instead of seeing through this and moving towards a healthier platform of thinking and literally can become stuck in a loop without expressing it either. And this you know intuitively.

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