I would lean a bit more to equalization than most, I think, but at least part of that is that I tend to be more of a generalist myself (in fact, I'm often annoyed that our society requires so much specialization, but I'll not derail too badly).

In education, I think that generalization early-on followed by increasing specialization is a good path. But to completely discount other areas of thought to focus so completely on a specific topic (I used to be in lab research - some of the 1-track-ness there is mind boggling) seems limiting - you never know when knowledge of a seemingly unrelated topic will be just the thing that helps you move forward in a specialty.

Personality-wise, I'd place a larger (but not near complete) emphasis on equality. Trying to push myself deeper into those areas that I already do well is more comfortable, but I'm not sure that it's as healthy as branching out. I'd think that learning to look at things from multiple perspectives and opening up to other points of view would both help us apply our own strengths more effectively and help group up with others with different strengths where needed/wanted.

Not sure I made any sense there, but it was worth a shot.