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  • Never booze is the Devil.

    6 10.17%
  • Once in a great while, if someone forces me to.

    12 20.34%
  • Socially, at parties, but that's it.

    24 40.68%
  • I drink most every chance I get.

    13 22.03%
  • Somone pass the Johnny Walker.

    4 6.78%
  • I'm too drunk to answer this right now.

    0 0%
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    Quote Originally Posted by armstrongvk12 View Post
    He was not deployed into army convoy operations, but has been deployed multiple times over the years, as well as recently, to places where he has been shot at by enemy fire. (I'm on your side.....just sent a care package to a marine that one of my classes adopted while he is in Iraq as he has no family that supports him).

    But back to the topic, I think some of the figures might be due to age more than anything else.
    Yes, I feel your sympathy, I do not want to turn this into a political debate. I agree, however, that alcohol use can be attributed to age. Younger individuals can be more inclined to use alcohol as a coping mechanism, but in the same sense differed by popular culture.
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    Beer and wine both taste awful.
    There are some nice liquors, though. I had some peach brandy once and it was delicious. I've also had stuff like hard lemonade(which is really low proof anyway) and it was okay.

    Never the less, it's been years since I've had even a sip of alcohol, and I've never been so much as tipsy. I think that's the important thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JustDave View Post
    Warning: this might be the worst piece of advice you will ever receive.

    I happen to have a very strong opinion on alcohol. If your alcohol consumption is not detrimental to your health and wellbeing, or that of your family and friends than drain that glass dry! However, if it is having a detrimental impact on your life get help ASAP. From my friends experiences I know that alcohol can cause people to lose control of their lives extremely quickly.
    This assumes that you can realize that alcohol (or anything else, for that matter) is truly a contributing cause to problems in your life, and not simply just an unrelated part of your existence (especially when it comes to considering alcohol as a coping mechanism - many folks run into problems in just that way, I think). Self-examination isn't always that easy - and it's often simple to come to the wrong conclusion, especially in this circumstance (so I've been told).

    Having said that, I'm not a drinker, never have been (as in, not a sip, even once). So take the above as no more than educated hearsay, and certainly not personal experience.

    As for my reasoning? When growing up, I was never around anyone who drank alcohol. At all, to the point that it struck me as odd seeing people with a beer in a restaurant. Not a religious thing (although it was for most of my friends and most of the community in which I grew up). I just wasn't around it, so I never picked it up. From the time I went to college through today, I've pretty much always been surrounded with friends who drink (I'm pretty much a unique non-drinker in my circles today), and even most of my family drinks alcohol these days, but it's just not my thing. It's been awkward once or twice (and possibly socially restrictive), but for the most part it's not been a big deal.

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    Once in a great while, although nobody forces me to.
    "When a resolute young fellow steps up the great bully, the world, and takes him boldly by the beard, he is often surprised to find that it comes off in his hand, and that it was only tied on to scare away the timid adventurers." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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    Quote Originally Posted by MetalWounds View Post
    What do you mean by that?
    I mean that I am one.

    Frosh. Heh.

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    If there was a choice between the "Socially" option and the "Most every chance I get option" I'd probably pick that one. Since there is not however, I picked the "Socially" option.

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    With the beat on that one. Because I drink when I'm with friends, but usually when we hang out, there's a bottle of wine/beers anyway.

    It is more of an unwinding after a long day/week at work. Don't go for drinking alone, as it is the company that matters more to me, and the drinks are more of a relaxant as such, no longer the escape. Don't get into that stage of being unable to see myself home or blabbing my lifestory out to strangers though. (There's the forum for that).

    10 years past the age of hard partying and liver murder, hugging toilet bowls and such like.

    Keep safe, MetalWounds.

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    No option really fits.

    While I do drink socially. I go through phases at home, where I'll drink every night, then I won't touch it again for weeks/months at a time.
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    I enjoy drinking. My college days of being stinkin' drunk are over, but I like the taste, and I like feeling buzzed. In a week I'll probably go through two bottles of wine (usually with dinner and usually Two Buck Chuck unless I have a guest) and maybe a few glasses of whiskey or some beers on the weekend. Maybe once every month or two I'll have a bar night out with friends and get a little drunker and sillier.
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    I don't drink much these days, but that said I used to use alcohol to self-medicate myself when I was in the equivalent of high school, otherwise I would have a panic attack.
    Quote Originally Posted by Thalassa View Post
    Oh our 3rd person reference to ourselves denotes nothing more than we realize we are epic characters on the forum.

    Narcissism, plain and simple.

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