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    Senior Member prplchknz's Avatar
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    Default so hungry you stop being hungry?

    know what i'm talking about? like for example I was starving last night like about to pass out so i ordered food I ate about half the soup and began to feel full. Anyone else procrastinate eating so long that the second food touches their lips they feel nauseas?
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    that is all

    i dunno what else to say so

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    Senior Member Tabula's Avatar
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    Yep. If you go too long without food, your blood sugar gets low which can cause nausea and headaches (among other things...) It initially exacerbates it when you DO eat. "Shocks your system" in a way. Ever noticed that when this happens, if you continue to eat instead of stop, you'll start feeling hungry again? I'd advise eating protein and stay away from salt when you do decide to eat something.

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    Yeah. this happens to me pretty often..
    I used to intentionally avoid eating when I was younger [yeahyeah, I know, not healthy], & sort of forced myself to ignore the sensation of hunger.
    Even now, with healthier eating habits, I tend to unconsciously tune out feeling hungry most of the time, & have to remind myself to get food. It's pretty weird how 7yrs of dysfunctionality can really dig into the psyche and program your own reactions/awareness of normal biological stimulus/needs. If I'm stressed/too immersed with immediate goings on around me/working intensely on a project, I won't realize til the end of the day I haven't had anything beyond something in the morning & coffee/water. I'm like.. ''Why's my stomach hurt? Man I feel so drained/shitty..''

    But yeah, then I realize I need to eat, and I'm too damn tired to make food at that point, or when I do, I feel sick. It does go away after a little bit, if you eat slowly/drink water with it.

    I try to keep little things around [or carry with me] like granola bars or apples, which helps, and keeps me from completely murdering my metabolism.
    Might be a good habit to try to get into, chickens.

    And take a multivitamin w/breakfast, woman!
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    I know.

    I've been at a training course last week outside my city. When the first class finished, I had been without eating anything for the last sixteen hours. I only had coffee as food for the entire day.

    I felt like starving, but, when I went for food, I had no idea about what to eat. I started looking at things at the supermarket and, after seeing so much food together I wasn't hungry anymore. I just bought a cereal bar and that made me feel me satisfied until the next day.

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    I know that very well too, but now I just let myself more rarely come into that situations and just eat soon enough.

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    Yep, I go through this at least once a week. I am a chronic breakfast skipper... And by mid-morning I'm starving, but by lunch I just feel ill and no longer hungry.

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