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    From the other side of the desk, if I ever yell at one of my subordinates, I'll put myself in a psychiatric hospital, right after presenting my resingnation. No joking.

    His yelling is just a way to release the stress caused by his own incompetence. He shouldn't be in a managerial position in the first place.

    The "carrot or stick" approach is stupid.

    I motivate my employees by making them understand how important they are to the institution, and hearing their work-related needs. And solving the ones I can. The others, I talk to the person who has to solve them. And make him/her do it. I don't make stupid promises (like outrageous raises or quick promotions, which just don't exist), like the ones which are common practice in sales departments.

    When I need to set someone straight, I just do it, one-to-one talk, in the most civilized and diplomatic way possible. If it is a major offence, I go for punishment. If it is a minor mistake, I always try to find out why that person is not working well and, according to what he/she says, I make him suggestions on how to do his work properly, but I state clearly that I don't give second chances. Many "old school" (carrot and stick) bosses may think I'm too bland, but, as a boss, I know that my subordinates' mistakes are my mistakes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tabula View Post
    If you're aware that it's fabricated, how does it still work? Or, if you had to consciously construct it yourself, I wonder the reasons...

    I only ask because it sounds familiar; I'm not trying to be rude.
    Because it plays on real fears of being incompetent, useless, etc. If I paint myself as such, I am motivated to become otherwise and escape that place.

    It's weird but it's the only thing I've found that works. The unfortunate side effect is that success diminishes this type of motivation, but once you get some momentum going that can carry you through.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Halla74 View Post
    (1) Money (As in "I get $X if I complete tasks A, B, and C" - OR - even better "I get X% of whatever I bring in.")

    (2) Sex

    (3) Prizes (We're talking vvacations or super nice electronics, no gift certificates to Wal-Mart)

    (4) Bragging Rights

    (5) Betterment of something I believe in is the most powerful of all...

    Yelling at me is the very best way to cause me to tune you out completely from that point on. Having a mother who liked to yell, I'm really good at this. Yelling accomplishes zero when it comes to motivation. If that was the actual intent, the person doing the yelling in a management position is the one who requires retraining.
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    Ugh. Bosses can be so dumb when they think threats, humiliation and bullying are the best way to get things done. They may work to a certain degree, but they definitely hinder creativity and pizzazz.

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