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    Quote Originally Posted by Kymbirleigh View Post
    getting off when the sun is still up regardless of time of the year is nice.
    That part is cool.. I just hate it when I get home and I'm so tired I just go to bed again anyway... all that daylight, wasted!
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    I go to sleep every night between 1130-1am. I wake up 5:50MWF, but S,Sun, T,Th I can sleep in.

    I would love to train myself to get up at the same time every day because if you're up very early you can get all your work done and then not be continually finishing things down to the wire. Next semester I asked to teach 730 am, which means up at 5:00am. I want to give it a trial of getting up at 5, powering through, and being DONE with grad school reading, writing, prepping for class and grading by 4pm.

    Most people are not extreme night owls or early birds. When I was on my gap year I found that I, like many others, could easily adapt to waking up at 330 am to travel before the African sun got too hot, even though I'd default to a night owl. This was easy when we all shared a large bedroom and everyone was beginning to wake up together; I think it's more cultural that people think they're night owls. It's easier to stay in bed when your blood pressure is low from lying down all night and it's a dark room lacking the light chemicals that are supposed to kickstart your alertness and there's nothing to stimulate it. We're more social beings than that. It's hard to get into a routine on your own, which is why I wanted to commit to 730 am teaching. If we're just getting up for our own benefit it's like swimming against the current. But on my gap year program I learned it's just as easy to drift into early rising if everyone around you is doing it and there's human activity stirring when you're waking up.
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    It takes a lot of time for me to fall asleep, I think one and a half hour, two and a half when I'm stressed, and I need at least six hours of sleep if I want to make sure I'm not moody the next day. During weekends I always get up around 10 AM, regardless of when I went to bed. It's like my body wants me to get up right then. I also sleep more when my bed is warmer, I don't know why. I actually hate mornings, but when I have to get up early I also go to sleep very early. I notice some of my peers don't and then they wonder why they're so tired? You don't just fix that with a can of Red Bull. So sleep is pretty much sacred to me.
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    30-40 hours of being awake, then about 10 hours of sleep is how it goes for me
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    11-2am till 9-noon is a pretty average range for me. Usually: 1-2am till 9-10am. That gives me, at the least, 7 hours of sleep a night. I aim for anywhere between 8-12.

    Sometimes I cannot fall asleep easily.. and sometimes its hard to wake up for no reason. I'm not sure why that is.
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    anything less than 8h is insufficient. too many all nighters in the past. my circadian rythm is also close to fubar, so I'm staying up all night and sleeping until mid day. I miss a steady night sleep and early rising, it feels more energizing and productive.

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    I need at least 7-8 hours of sleep a night, if I get less than 5-6 I can barely even function as a sane human being (though trust me there have been enough days in my life where I was running on 0-4 hours, but it's really really bad for me to that), and I frequently sleep as much as 9 or 10 hours per night when I can.

    Lately I've been going to sleep at 3 or 4 AM and waking up between 11 AM -1 PM. I don't like going to sleep any closer to sunrise than 4 am because it really screws me up even if I sleep for 8 hours, something feels "wrong." I prefer to fall asleep sometime between midnight and 3 AM ideally. It's very difficult for me to fall asleep before 10 PM ever, and whenever I've had to wake up very early (let's say before 8 AM) I am a complete WRECK. I am a night person, and have been since my teens.

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    normally in bed by 2-4 am. Wake up normally around 9-11 am. This excludes school messing with the natural world of course, in which I'll go to bed slightly earlier and wake up earlier.

    I DO NOT pull all nighters. fuck that. my rest is far more important than schoolwork. Even if I put it off and it will be late.

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    I take Ambien every night to make sure I get my sleep. I cannot function without it. My temper gets really short and my judgment suffers. I sleep at least 8 hours a night. I'm in bed by 11, asleep by 12, and up around 8, although sometimes I'll wake up a little earlier.

    Sometimes even Ambien won't put me out, and I use melatonin on top of it.

    Before pills, I was all over the place no matter how hard I tried.

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    I absolutely hate my sleeping pattern. It's one thing I wish I could change in my life. I have pretty bad insomnia. I'll usually fall to sleep around 4-5am in the morning and sleep for a few hours. Then after a few days of this pattern I'll crash for nearly half a day. This pattern usually repeats over and over.

    It's a few days with 4-5 hours and then a day of crashing. The only remedy I have ever found for my insomnia has been weed. I get the best sleep when I smoke weed, but I don't smoke anymore.

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