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    Quote Originally Posted by prplchknz View Post
    Like is it consistent or does it change?

    How many hours do you sleep a night on average?

    Do feel you get enough sleep?
    On avg, I get about 7h of sleep a ''night,'' albeit my nights are often during the day. The hours are, for the most part, within a consistent time frame. If I've skipped sleep/been stressed, I can sleep over 24h, without any medicinal aids.. that's not healthy, & I never feel particularly rested after bouts like that. When I get between 5-7h of sleep, I feel most rested.

    Quote Originally Posted by prplchknz View Post
    Mine is
    not consistent

    for a month or so I'll sleep 13 plus hours and still feel like I need more rest, and if I force myself to only sleep 8 I feel like a total zombie, but if I sleep 13-15 hours during this period I feel more rested, than suddenly I'll sleep 3-4 hours a night and feel absolutley rested. it's weird.

    The reason you might not feel rested, chickens, when you get upwards of 13h of sleep, might be due to the cyclical element of our sleep phases - I can't recall the specifics offhand, but imagine these stages as a series of hills; peaks/valleys - the peaks being closer to a more alert/wakeful state, and the valleys existing as deeper/less alert, more ''restorative,'' so to speak, sleep. These phases occur cyclically throughout the night, with more peaks/more shallow valleys the closer we get to waking up for the day [ordinarily within the 6-8h timeframe]. If you sleep about 4h, you might have gone through one phase of deeper sleep, & are creeping up towards a more wakeful state, which is why you might ''feel'' more rested/alert, than if you happen to wake later on & happen to wake while coasting back down into one of those valleys again.

    ..If that makes sense..

    on that note.. Lex got 3h of sleep, & requires a nap.

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    The ideal for me is about 8 hrs/night, and if I don't have much of anything going on in my life, socially, that's what it ends up being.

    When I'm busier, and depending on what I have going on, I then might have a night with just 3-5 hrs, then a couple of 6-7 hr nights, and then I'll be really tired and after 2-3 nights without much sleep will then on that 4th night go to bed at like 8 or 8:30pm and sleep for almost 12 hours, then I'm feeling good again.

    But yeah.. generally I can go 2-4 nights with less sleep than is optimal, but I have a strong need to then get a 12-hr night in to 'catch up' and feel healthy once again.
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    Default what's your sleeping pattern?

    I usually curl up on my right side. Seven hours is just about right, with a few short ten minute time outs during the day. I usually get this, but the time I go to sleep and wake up varies a bit.

    That is pretty ideal for me.

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    I have a fairly scheduled sleep pattern, but the schedule is dependent on what I need to do during the day. I don't work, so during the summer when I'm also out of school I tend to stay up all night for pretty much no reason, waking up in the middle of the day sometimes. During the school year it's completely different, though. I have to be up insanely early and it's like no amount of sleep is enough.

    The only thing that can really keep me from my sleep is probably something that really interferes with my thought process.

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    I average about 7.5 hours a night. Anything less than 6 and I start feeling like a zombie if I don't have caffiene. I don't have a set time I go to bed, just whenever I feel tired. I guess on average its around midnight. But I've noticed that I usually wake up around the same time regardless of when I go to bed. Usually I wake up before the alarm goes off.
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    All over the place, depending on need and demand.

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    4-6 hours a night. Go to sleep from 11-2, depending. I feel like I get enough sleep.

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    I sleep six hours per day. Despite I go to bed at different times during weekends.

    I don't know why, but I can't get to sleep more than that. I know that the healthy amount is eight hours. I have been missing two for a long time.

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    4-6 hours most nights. i feel weird and sluggish if i sleep too long

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    My sleeping pattern changes from time to time. Since I don't have a set schedule, I can afford to have flexible hours. Usually I get like 7-9 hours a day on average. I can go on for months with fairly consistent hours, from midnight to 7-8 am. I wake up without using the alarm. Then all of that changes, I might get by for weeks with 5 hours a day, or I can go over 10.

    I never used to take naps during the day...but I guess I'm getting old or something...because occasionally I do now. But I also work out a few hours a day mostly every day, so that contributes to those as well.

    I do think that I get enough sleep. I'm not deprived, that's for sure and I can change the pattern myself, if I see that it starts to have a negative effect on me. I've never really had significant difficulties with sleeping for very long periods of time.

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