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    Yeah, I guess it comes from recognizing an ideal standard.

    Outline: This task can be done in this amount of time and net this result.

    Kink: It doesn't go as planned or there is a set back.

    Me: Are you fucking kidding me?!? Tries another approach. That doesn't work. Starts to get frustrated because you see the efficiency of the task devolving. (What someone said more effort than is netting result)

    Urgency: To now complete this task in a way that makes it all worth it, you have to push twice as hard. People start telling you it just can't work like that. You remember the original goal, and think in the simplest terms, it wasn't out of the question to shoot for it from the beginning. Work harder, get frustrated, and possibly angry at others (who now stand in front of you to say "Stop!" What are you thinking? This is an impossible task)

    Ball punching: Either admitting defeat on an issue you knew was more than able to be conquered. Or by blaming yourself for not being as smart as people who actually achieved it.

    Result: Rearranges methods, time lines, expectations, to continue toward the same goal from a very different approach. Usually this gets you one step closer.

    I hope that made the process I am speaking about a bit more clear.

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    Assuming you're talking about a team effort, wouldn't you have taken into consideration the team's abilities, including weaknesses?

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    Yeah about that, I tend to be an "I" team....

    But I don't want to get too personalized in this thread. Like I said I thought more people would have displayed at least some of those characteristics, we could analyze the dynamic. If it is just me well shit, let the thread die.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThatGirl View Post
    Okay, so I just observed something about myself.

    I may AT TIMES run toward unrealistic goals. Though I never think they are unrealistic. Actually, I think, if someone has done it, so can I.

    Every now and then, I realize the best thing to do is stop. Accept defeat on one level because that maximizes the greater productivity on another. (See thread, why can't I just stay down).

    I get this logic, though at the same time, it feels like I am losing the utility of the original goal. Ultimately, I see it as failure, even if I know I am doing the right thing in the long run. I hate to be defeated. I start kicking myself.

    I guess I am wondering, how you give up? I get the goal is still the same. But as I measure skill by efficiency, it makes me feel like shit, I didn't get it right the first time.

    ....If that makes any sense?

    I prefer to look at moments like this as necessary changes in strategy. Plus only a fool would continue something with no real reason other than their ego. Nothing to be ashamed of friend. My only recommendation would be to make sure the lesson of the situation is learned so adjustments can be made next time around.

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    Most of my endeavors fall on their face because I don't care enough about details. I can see them quite clearly, but I foolishly believe that I can tackle them without preperation, this however hardly ever works. I suppose I rely too much on improvisation. Even now, I quit studying because I believe that I'll remember when I see the question, this allows me to pass, but not excel.

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    Teeg, there's nothing "hypothetical" about your balls =P

    Mightier than the tread of marching armies is the power of an idea whose time has come

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