Usually unconsciously, we come here to realise our life goals.

A common life goal is to be accepted by a peer group. So we reveal ourselves here and ask if anyone else is the same, for when we have found someone the same, we will have found sympathy and so acceptance by the peer group.

This is an over-riding life goal of adolescents. And it is only proper they should seek acceptance here.

Another way to be accepted is to learn the jargon of MBTI and spout it here.

However once adolescence is over and we have achieved our life goal of acceptance by our peer group, other life goals beckon.

And one of the reasons personal attacks occur here is that many of us have found peer acceptance and are now pursuing further life goals. And so we get in each others' way in pursuing our life goals. So naturally we feel frustrated. And frustration leads to anger. And anger leads to personal attacks.

But all we are doing is trying to pursue our own life goals.

Unfortunately for most of us, our life goals are powerful but unconscious, and so make their presence felt in our emotions and our behaviour.

So our emotions and our behaviour give us the clue to our life goals, we only have to listen.