I really like the idea that Central is a shared dream. It seems to cover so much territory and explain so much.

For instance, it seems plain to me that the unconscious is disappearing. But where is it going? And the stock answer is that the unconscious is becoming conscious. But the unconscious compared to the waking state is like a dream.

Also the classic unconscious is individual, whereas the archetypes of the dream are shared.

Also the conscious is logical whereas the unconscious is associative and resonant, quite like a dream.

If this is all true, then we are dreaming together.

This is of course a little embarrassing for those of us raised to be literate individuals, to find ourselves in a group dream. It's a bit like finding ourselves in a hot tub together. Some of us are embarrassed by our emotional nakedness, and get out and put a towel around themselves. And try to remind ourselves that we are still literate individuals by doing that most literate and individual thing - arguing. And not only arguing but arguing logically - just to prove to themselves that we are still awake. But we are caught in this waking dream with all of us and each of us. So sometimes we get cranky and strike out - and as our Americans will tell us, we 'strike out' and are sent back to the 'bench'.

So sharing this waking dream together has its upside and downside. The downside is that some of us panic and strike out and are banned or sent back to the benches.

But the upside is that our shared dream is strangely compelling - quite like a real dream.

Also we do wake from our shared dream and go about our day to day business, but come sleepy time, we log on, we all log on together and resume dreaming where we left off.

And we can dream about anything at all - just look at all the different subjects in all the different threads. So in fact our dream is not about the subjects. The subjects are simply there to distract the watchdog of our minds, while we fall into each others' arms and dream to our heart's content.

The medium of Central is truly the message. And the message is that I am asleep with my head on your shoulder, just as your head is on the shoulder next to you. And the miracle is that we all share the same dream.

So look, listen, feel, touch and taste, beautiful dreamers.