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    Quote Originally Posted by shortnsweet View Post
    When I think about "treatment" I think about medications and therapy. Do you agree?
    Si si

    I never thought that medications and therapy turned people into superheroes. But that sometimes medication turns people into nothing- and therapy can help people cope.
    oh certainly. granted i am coming from a position of finding the right combination of medications quickly since they just put me on what my father is on (and it took him YEARS to find the right combo), so suffice to say that i do have a rather med-positive bias; although I reap the benefits of talk therapy as well. becoming numb or zombie-like is rather foreign to me so i will admit to usually coming from that perspective.

    I think that most people have a hard time coping. It is difficult to discern what is a mental illness and what is normal.
    This is what really gets to me sometimes....i live in a world that's so fucked up and yet there's something wrong with ME? not that there's nothing wrong with me, but like come on. is it then a personality defect?

    "Curing" is unimaginable to me right now.
    For me too, and i think that might be part of what it gets such a negative reaction from me: i don't know what that entails and how it would be different than successful treatment.

    earlier in the thread though someone (i forgot who, sorry!) did mention that the fact that social norms dictate what's sick and what's normal means that we'll never find a "cure" for such things and i think that's an interesting point/thought.

    also, as a side thought, another thing that kind of gets me is that often times, medically speaking at least, the people who are most affected by these decisions are not always at the table when the discussion comes up. People who don't experience mental illness in the way that we do are sometimes the ones making the decisions; bias in then inherent, i think.

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    when i was an firefighter i was sent to a call where a schizophrenic guy had tried to cut off his leg with a circular saw. his family said he thought he had a tracking device in his leg. he bled out and died.
    he took a circular saw to his thigh without any hesitation.

    psych disorders can be really rough stuff, they range from really mild to out of control blow your world apart.

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    The following blog article makes a nice argument with regards to cognitive freedom:

    Sentient Developments: Cognitive liberty and right to one's mind

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    OK guys, sorry for the late reply.

    First of all there's been a slight turnaround with my opinion, and yes, it does seem that the cons outweigh the pros. Although I was "diagnosed" with bipolar I've found that by identifying triggers before they'd have happened was the best way for me to get around it, and I've gotten better at managing my emotional self overall. That being said, I doubt that whatever I may "have" is on any level near what's been described here.

    With the presentation I am supposed to create (although I might just change the topic to Sex Robots as Better Prostitutes), I have the leeway to start out with one opinion, but then have my mind changed as the evidence goes on. Currently it seems that if this conception that mental illnesses aren't all that bad is common, but wrongly stated, then it would make for a comprehensive topic anyway.

    Overall thanks guys.

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    I like the "Sex Robots as Better Prostitutes" idea too! But this topic would make an interesting statement about persuasion and evidence and point of view and all that jazz.
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    If you change the title, please don't forget to include the word disorcer as I have become quite fond of the word and enjoy seeing it in this thread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Randomnity View Post
    A lot of artists and writers have been inspired by their horrible childhoods or tragic events. Therefore, we should not try to remove children from unfit homes or try to prevent accidents, or try to save lives with medical treatment, because we could be preventing the development of the next Beethoven.
    Yeah. I think a lot more kids from crappy childhoods end up dead, ruined, abused, and whatever else.

    I just endorse using already broken eggs to make what omeletes we can... not necessarily smashing all the eggs to start with.

    One of my best friends has bipolar and it really ruined his life -- he lost thousands of dollars, was on suicide watch, almost lost a job because of it. And he was already a pretty good guy before he had his first major "incident," without needing the stimulus of a traumatic disease that reduces your ability to function in society and to accomplish tasks. He DID try to learn from it and maximize whatever gain he could, in terms of life knowledge, but again that's an act of salvaging a bad situation, not glamorizing a debilitating condition.
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