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View Poll Results: What has been the worst age to be alive for you (so far)?

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    Default Worst Age To Have Been (For You)

    The older I get, the worse things seem to get. More responsibility, more work, more worries, more doubts and more problems. That's not to say that I'm not relatively happy at this time in my life, but I definitely notice the distinct increase in responsibility almost monthly. It's an insidious bastard, and I'm only eighteen.

    So what age, out of curiosity, was the hardest age for you to be, and why? Conversely, what has been the best age for you so far?

    I made it possible to select more than one age bracket because maybe you have two or more ages you haven't liked, or maybe they overlap.
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    Age 15 was the worst year for me. So far, adulthood has been a breeze compared to the loneliness and low self-esteem I suffered from most of that year.

    For the past year or so (I'm 25 now) I've been in the throes of an identity crisis (executive summary: You mean I'm not always right? ) which has been* tough but at least I've had plenty of loving support.

    * Okay, okay - still is.

    Edit: Decade voting? My tweens and late teens were great, so I'll refrain from voting.

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    Childhood was bad and teen years really bleak. Abusive people, sadistic people, controlling people, dysfunctional people able to control and influence my life, people who murdered their own souls and leaching off mine. Haunting me with their shadows, their tortured and conflicted natures. No real connection to others. Locked in by my own pain and not knowing how to reach out. Misunderstood. No real security, either emotional or psychological or financial.

    Age 14 to 17 were the lowest points. I was so trapped. By age 18 I was working and going to school so much I was away from home enough that things eased up some, but I was like emotionally numbed and withdrawn to the world for the most part.

    Life got much better in my 20s. I was free to make my own decisions and control my homelife and what I would let into it. Thank God we grow up and become adults!

    At least now, when I face adversity I face it carrying without the weight of being under someone else's control or abuse.

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    The worst years of my life were from age 13-15, and 21. Age 21 was a very dark time in my life, and I consider it the dead year where I pretty much lost an entire year of my life. But I think right now is probably the happiest I have ever been.

    Not to be a downer about the poll, but I would say that around 100% of us are under 50, and 70% are under 30.

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    For some reason I'd thought Kiddo was really a college kid i.e. 18/19.

    Growing up was tough. A lot of insecurity and expectations. After 25 it got better. (Barring relationships), being able to gain financial security, being able to say no to emotional leeches, deaths of loved ones, coming to terms with things I'd never be. Put the rest of what I had much better into perspective.

    At 18, I'd not really experienced much beyond the cocoon of school and family. Was only when I started working that things started to fall into place, where you take on responsibility for others. And you realise there're no more safety nets, so you quit whinging and buckle down.

    Ok, I still whinge. But I'd like to think I do it more gracefully. And ultimately, that's what growing up is, I guess. Accepting things with the grace of an adult, vs the grief of a child.

    In a sense, I've lost a "phoenix's desire to burn and taste ash". And it takes a harder time to shake me now. But with that detachment comes perspective. The trick is now learning how not to be jaded, but how to be less naive too.

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    My worst ages were between 26-31,5 because of things happening in my life + the crisis of the thirties. I didn't vote because there is no such ages there.

    Best ages where all the years before I turned 26. It was totally carefree time in my life and I miss it. Now everything has changed for good and it's sad but true. Nothing is the same as it was.

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    Age 14 to 17 so far.
    Quote Originally Posted by Thalassa View Post
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    Always the same, I never had particular problems except 6 months when I was 18, I was in a bad relationship with a borderline girl so I basically lost them away. But for the rest, life seems to be pretty much the same all the time.

    Now the best time, it was probably when I was 18 just before that relationship I think. I had just finished high school with the highest grade so I said fuck u to working during the summer cuz I didn't need to pay anything for my first year of college and I just spent it biking everyday to new places.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alcearos View Post
    My worst ages were between 26-31,5 because of things happening in my life + the crisis of the thirties. I didn't vote because there is no such ages there.

    Best ages where all the years before I turned 26. It was totally carefree time in my life and I miss it. Now everything has changed for good and it's sad but true. Nothing is the same as it was.
    It's kind-of the same for me. But I picked 21-30, because that's where it fell.

    I have gone through weeks or months of soul searching before, but this time it is taking substantially longer (I still do most of the things needed in life, though I procrastinate a lot more often now--so, no my life is not on hold while I soul-search).

    I have lost track of who I am. I was depressed for a little while, but recognizing this time as growing pains helps keep things in perspective.

    The really best time for me was high-school and undergrad.

    Accept the past. Live for the present. Look forward to the future.
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    Ages 15-16 were the toughest ones so far in my life. This year (I'm going to be 19 in March '08) is also shaping up to be quite stressful, but certainly not as much as those two.
    Not really.

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