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View Poll Results: What has been the worst age to be alive for you (so far)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Turbinado View Post
    6th grade--being called fat and ugly to my face over and over, and having a girl pull a handful of my hair out. And my only two friends were always fighting with each other of ditching me.
    This makes my heart hurt. (((hugs)))
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    None of the options really fit, my life has been up and down so much I don't think its possible for me to even pick a best year, or a worst year.
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    My whole life has been a blur of disappointment so far. I'm only 24 now but I voted 71-80 because that's when it's all going to hit home.
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    Golly, I haven't experienced much of life either, but so far I'd go with 14. I was really bitter then. It started a little before that actually, when I had just graduated from junior high, but it continued for the rest of the year.

    After 6th grade, I went to a different school for 7th and 8th. I was a shy kid. But I graduated as the class Valedictorian, and developed a bit more self-confidence, self-esteem, and got rid of some of the shyness (not even close to where I am now, but it started things for me.) I even gave a speech at the graduation ceremony, but it wasn't too bad, because there were only a couple hundred people there. There were jokes, and people paid attention to what I was saying. I saw myself doing things I never knew I could that year, getting involved in all sorts of school things. That night was great.

    After the graduation ceremony, friends were getting together to have pictures taken. Some of my family members got into a huge shouting match after a while, and I had to leave abruptly. My step-grandfather, an asshole, dismantled the cable for my uncle's room so that he could not go on the Internet or watch TV. The three of us, along with my grandma, have been living together for a little over a decade, but those two never got along.

    Well, I shared my uncle's room. I was on the receiving end of someone else's rage. I had been on Cloud Nine that night, everything was going right, I looked at the past two years and I knew I had become a different person then...but I couldn't get over the fact that I had been wronged.

    And what I hated more than anything, was that I just had to take it. Maybe I was born with something of a defiant spirit (not trying to be grandiose or anything), but I know for sure that I always questioned and challenged things. At the time, I hadn't yet learned to accept some parts of reality and life. I learned principles well, and this made me rational, yet also a tad judgmental, idealistic, and naive.

    I spent the year fighting the world in my mind, wondering why the world was the way it was. It wasn't clicking with my vision of things, where jerks get the girls, people get away with crime, everything I thought I could trust was fake (schools and their PR thing, as an example.) I hit a terrible emotional low, but it was then I trained myself to get insight into other people and things, and I finally comprehended that some members of my family are abusive, that my mom is controlling and uses men for money, teachers turned out to incompetent...there was this one time where my sensei for Japanese class said she would give me an A on a homework assignment if I told her I lied about turning it on time, among other teachers who tried to get away with passive aggressive things. Corrupt politicians/people in power, people abusing children and animals, cliques and narrow-minded/intolerant people inside and outside of school, people taking advantage of others and the "system," realizing my Bible teacher at my previous school had been teaching me ridiculous/evil principles and I had bought it, and there are millions of things wrong, I could go on and on.

    I hadn't let go of my own being wronged, so I turned to EVERYTHING that was wrong. I couldn't handle that either. Arguing with my step-grandfather was pointless; he didn't listen, tried to coax me into believing that I was making a big fuss over nothing, even calling me delusional. He doesn't understand that you don't hurt someone else in a fit of rage, and I didn't appreciate that he instigated the fight during my graduation. I doubted that I could be a good person. Justice had been and has been failing, and all I could do was sit. It was the time I developed a voice for myself, and I couldn't do anything.

    That's the gist of it. I had become a little more aware of the world around me. It wasn't until junior year at a different school that I left justice alone.
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