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View Poll Results: What has been the worst age to be alive for you (so far)?

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    filling some space UnitOfPopulation's Avatar
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    about 11-13
    edit: or when I was 27 (one year).. hard to compare

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    20 to 30 was harsh for me.

    When I was a teenager, I knew I was just a kid and knew nothing. I could acknowledge it automatically and it was more instinctive to have that humility that allowed me to ask for help and admit I was useless.

    But when my teens ended, I got a false impression that I was a grown-up now, and that I knew stuff, and that I should and could cope. I lost a lot of the childlike humility that I had before, and became too arrogant to ask for help or listen to advice. And that made other situations even worse than they might've been if I'd been either younger and more willing to acknowledge my inexperience, or older and not suffering from that inexperience!

    But on a more specific note, in the years from 20 to 30 I:

    1. Had two kids, one by immense suffering due to being disabled
    2. Married and lived for years in that psychologically abusive relationship
    3. Suffered a spinal injury that had me wheelchair bound for two years
    4. Changed sex
    5. Divorced, very messily
    6. Got myself into a world of shit with some experimentations...
    7. Lived for six years about 20% below the breadline
    8. Had no bed of my own to sleep in
    9. Lost most of my friends and life due to the sex change and people cutting me dead
    10. Suffered post natal depression - twice.
    11. Got myself into approx 26,000 GBP of unsecured debt (that's about $50,000) with no way to pay it back
    12. Became involved with prostitutes
    13. Lived the past six years under a compression vest

    And other such delights that I won't go into now. And the funny thing is, none of that was really any worse than what I went through before the age of 20, but it was made worse by my bad attitude. Also, if I'd gone through that as a teen, there would've been more support available anyway in the form of national organizations and institutions etc.
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    This thread saddens me, because I'm having trouble picking a "worst" time. Everything could be worst, from times in my teens (what a mess, with all the changes and the social interactions of school and feeling alienated), to my 20's where I was constantly fighting with my spouse and feeling on the edge of dissolution, to the last few years where I have slowly felt like my life was being stripped away from me.

    The best times in my life were when I was young, and I would just get on my bicycle and ride by myself through the countryside of rural PA, seeing where mysterious roads went and exploring places I'd never been to before. And going down large hills, with the wind blowing through my hair, feeling free as a bird...

    ...I think they were the only times in my life I felt free.
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    I voted for 2, because it would be age 17-18 < childhood < rest of teen years, so it's hard to compare.

    The years since 18 have been just getting better and better, though.

    My prediction: at least 75&#37; of people say teen years.

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    Being about 14 was more or less the ninth circle of hell for me. I wouldn't go back for a million bucks.

    Now 18... I'd go back to 18, because there's things I'd do different if I had the chance.

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    well I'm just now entering the 21-30 group but so far 10-20 has sucked the most for me, but I'm sure later in life things might suck more. 7 on was hard for me but it's funny because after I turned 21 things have slowly gotten better I don't know if things have actually changed or just my outlook. I feel more positive about things as oppose to the negative feelings i had when I was 20 and younger. I don't know but 21 seems a very magical age for me.

    BTW I thought this thread's title said "Worst age to have beer" when I realized that it was Been and not Beer it made alot more sense.
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    Whole decades never sucked for me so I didn't vote. I had times in each decade that were rough though. I've yet to hit my 30's rough patch yet (I'm 30) and I often wonder what it will be so I can avoid it!
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    Though my early life was one long string of violence, poverty, madness and alcoholism (none of which were my own, but I was subject to them), I voted 21 - 30. Lupus began to sink it's claws into me about age 20. It's been a battle for my body and sanity ever since. I felt I could take the trauma of my environment if I had my body under control. Now I feel no control whatsoever.
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    hmmm... I picked the teenage age bracket because on average they sucked more than my twenties have so far! I was stuck being a member of the popular crowd, who I hated, for the majority of my teen years! (to quote one of my favorite movies- the Heathers- "I hate my friends")

    I really hated the age 23 though- I really hope never ever to hit a point that low in my life ever again things in my life REALLY fell apart that year and actually I'd rather not discuss it

    I'm a year older now though and I've moved on thank God- things are looking up! (the 20s before 23 were actually some of the BEST years of my life oddly enough so I can't say that my 20s have been the worst! plus- I prefer to be optimistic and assume that the rest of my 20s will be fabolous! )
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    I'd say 5-13 or so, early school years were quite painful, with issues with other kids, plus divorce stuff going on. After getting older and more skilled at life, problems nowadays are much more solvable.

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