I like to read something new. It seems to tickle the back part of my brain, so I like to write something new.

It's as though I reach down into myself not knowing what I will find. But as long as I go deep I always find something.

Before I reach down I have no idea what I will write. So sometimes I can feel a little hopeless and a little panicky before I start. But once I slip below the surface, all I have to do is look around and describe what I see.

And by this time I am not concerned about what they will think of my writing, it's as though I am in a little cocoon.

Of course when I wake up, they all have their complaints - I am not logical or I am not comprehensible or I won't engage or I am rude.

Of course the nicest thing is when someone comes deep with me, and together we float in the deep blue sea and just say what we see.

And back on the surface we are buffeted by the waves, and start to talk about things and how to manage things and how to manage each other.

And how tempted we are to take a deep breath and sink beneath the waves to find an octopus's garden in the shade.