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    A person believes they have an interesting mind if they think like them.

    Although someone who does interesting things is someone who has developed further than the mind to go beyond the mundane.

    So a person doing interesting things.

    So different that I begun page 4.

    @INTP you've been waiting for my answer huh?

    If people need an interesting minded person to boost their life, doesn't that tell something about themselves?

    Where as one with the well developed and grown mind can learn much more from observing the interesting man or woman who does what is incredible and can analyze and interpret and come to understand.

    Where is new information obtained? From those who approach things differently.

    People thinking: Forever why are you such a dick?
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    Bit of column A & B *hand wave*?

    I see no exclusivity here (common observation annoyance incoming...)
    'One of (Lucas) Cranach's masterpieces, discussed by (Joseph) Koerner, is in it's self-referentiality the perfect expression of left-hemisphere emptiness and a precursor of post-modernism. There is no longer anything to point to beyond, nothing Other, so it points pointlessly to itself.' - Iain McGilChrist

    Suppose a tree fell down, Pooh, when we were underneath it?"
    "Suppose it didn't," said Pooh, after careful thought.
    Piglet was comforted by this.
    - A.A. Milne.

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