Heuristics and Biases:The Psychology of Intuitive Judgment

Anyone ever heard of this book?

What about the book called Blink:The Power of Thinking Without Thinking?

The basic idea, is that human intuition is sometimes better, sometimes worse, than explicit methods of forming judgments.

Blink showed some stark examples of when experts were better than the use of explicit methods, and some stark failures.

I am hoping Heuristics and Biases will do the same. However, considering the economics/psychology background of the researchers, I am guessing the authors will decidedly reveal many more failings than successes of human judgment (the researchers in these fields are biased that way).

What do people think about the use of intuition? I am using "intuition" in the broader sense of the word, not Ni or Ne per say. I am sure there are many SP's that will rightly believe themselves to be more "intuitive" than many NT's.