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    Default On Tension: Using it well.

    I have a question about tension. I see tension in myself as both a good and bad thing. It is good in that it prompts me to change and bad in that it can block enjoyment in the moment. Tension in me seems to dissipate quickly because I prefer to enjoy the moment, yet at the same time I value tension and want to hold on to it because it's motivating.

    I'm interested in others thoughts.

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    To confuse the situation even more I'll tell what made me start thinking about it. Yesterday I felt tension to make changes due to changing circumstances. I noticed that the tension I felt wasn't affecting my interactions with people.

    This is all mixed up with something I was reading about extroverting from an introverted mindset.

    I'll see if I can muddy it more later. Until then let me know if you have any thoughts.

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    Tension is necessary for there to be the existence of harmony.
    Evil is necessary for the existence of good to be relevant.
    Sour is necessary for sweet to have meaning.

    Each of these examples are extremes in polarity, not necessarily good or bad, especially when considering societal behavior in aggregate.

    But for the individual, tension is often a sensory experience that identifies the presence of a crossroads being reached. That the current game plan is not meeting expectations, and that there is potential for resentment if it continues, and that there is a possibility for that resentment to be mitigated entirely if a more appropriate and relevant plan of action can be identified, decided upon, and implemented before the resentment sets in.

    Unfortunately some people think that their failures in accepting responsibility for their words and actions can be mitigated by constant change. This is not an appropriate use of the ability of mankind to diffuse tension in their lives by re-shuffling the deck so to speak.

    This capability of mankind, much as many others, can be used for not, or for good. It is all dependent on the maturity of the individual experiencing the conflict in expectations, the information they have at hand to measure their state, and the resources they require vs. have available to resolve the issue in a timely manner.

    I totally understand where you are coming from. Somehow I am at peace in the midst of the perfect storm. I do not seek it, but I thrive in it nonetheless. Thankfully I am smart enough to know that it is not a wise environment to exist in, but we all must go there at times, willfully or not, and I am thankful that my default toolkit allows me to trepidate through it relatively unharmed in most circumstances.
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