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    Default Happiness, satisfaction, optimism on tap?

    If it where possible to stimulate happiness, satisfaction and optimism at the touch of a button should it be permitted or endorsed?

    Like I mean if there where a machine which could produce these states of mind and mood, I dont mean as the consequence of a medication or intoxication or anything like that but a machine which could directly stimulate or cause that sensation or state.
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    Could we call it living at all?

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    For some people, that would provide them the ability to rise above themselves and certain situations. It would cause them to really progress and assess, more than they could if their mental state was compromised with unhappiness and pessimism.
    For some people, that would provide them the ability to reject themselves and certain situations. Negative emotions can be a fantastic learning experience, but a tap of positivity would be easily abused. The high potential for a shortage of evaluation would be present. It could severely affect personal growth and problem solving.

    Really, it depends on who it would be available to and if there was any degree of moderation in usage.
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    No, I don't think it would be a good idea because without negative emotions, you wouldn't appreciate the positive ones when they happen.
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