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    Default unconscious growing up slower than the conscious self?

    IndyAnnaJoan said interesting thing about younger self not approving current self when people are growing up. This made me think if this "younger self" is still hiding in the unconscious kinda like growing up slower and sending mixed thoughts for the conscious(current) self at the age when people are entering adulthood. Like approving things that the conscious self would disapprove or disapproving things that the conscious self would approve.

    This same thing could apply on different age crisis when people are suddenly starting to consciously act in new ways, like at teen age, early adulthood, 30's crisis and middle age crisis. And the crisis would naturally end when the unconscious would have adjusted to this new situation by growing up to the same state when the crisis first occurred

    Tell me what do you think about this idea, my Ti is tired and i cant be arsed to think about this further atm
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    That is a difficult concept to think about. My idea about the unconscious is vague at best. But, the times I tried to actively change there was a momentum that could not be directed anywhere without a prolonged effort. So I can buy the idea that the unconscious is the direction that our past has created, and probably most of what we do is controlled by it.

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    hmm... is the unconscious developing at a slower rate than the conscious self? i don't personally look at it in that way... but rather that in coming into adult hood, and especially when you're trying to establish yourself and figure out yourself, you begin reflecting back. or at least i did. and i thought back to the ways i used to view life, or weighed out my morals, and where i thought i would be going... and my older self was dissatisfied when reflecting back to the mindset of my younger self. the two collided and i suddenly didn't approve of myself. but i think, at least for me, part of that journey was mending the two together. my new/older self with my younger self, and allowed them to grow together. but going back to the unconscious... it picks up on those inconsistencies. it isn't that it is developing slower. it's picking up on what you're thinking before you finally piece your own thoughts together. or at least that's my opinion of it. in a way, i think we blind ourselves from our own thoughts sometimes, but nothing gets past our unconscious. it's on that same level of people that have prophetic dreams sometimes. our conscious self doesn't pick up on subtleties, but the unconscious is constantly picking up the pieces and then throws it back at us in our dream world.
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    This is interesting and I'll have to do some more reading on it but I dont believe that the unconscious matures in the way that the conscious does or is expected to, the unconscious is a dumping ground pretty much, from which misunderstandings of yester year can be dredged up to create aversions, impulses, conflicts later in life.

    So you always have an unconscious, it doesnt change but when you're an adult it has a lot of issues which have built up like sediment on a riverbed and may or may not influence your behaviour and thinking and feeling.
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    A conscious thought repeated and/or conditioned will become part of one's subconscious after a while.

    Our subconscious doesn't filter through what it is fed. That's our conscious mind's job. That's why hypnosis can work to deal with the healing of psychological traumas.

    So it's not a matter of time per se so much as it is a matter of getting through the thick barrier that is our consciousness.

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