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That's a possibility. I think EXFJs tend to be the emotional volcanoes (maybe more of a EXFX thing?) and IXFPs tend to be the royalty of passive-agressiveness (maybe more of an IXFX thing?).
me: passive ()

--> unresolved issue

me: passive-aggressive (:rolleyes2 OR assertive (:1377

---> confrontation

me: emotional volcano ()

i'm not very good at anger. even when i try to be assertive i usually come off too harsh, which is why i usually try to stay passive, even though i'm really too loud-mouthed for it. and then if i find out that part of the problem is me, i apologize too much, and don't retain much power over the relationship dynamics. it's a problem.

the ENFJs i know are tricky because they are the masterminds of holding it in and just avoiding you, and only exploding at you if/when you confront them.

INFPs do seem to be the winnars at p-a.

also ESFJ seems to be the winner at guilt tripping in my life. could just be my life, though.