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    Golly what a tough question. I use words to communicate intrapersonally. I think that's to say I think in words. The words as they come are usually fast. This isn't to say that I don't think of things: people, places, music, etc.
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    When I'm tired or just lazy I think in words.

    Mostly I think in sentences, images, ideas or otherwise conceptual thoughts.

    When I need to get to the bottom of something I alternate between conceptual thought and word for word thought.
    ~Self-depricating Megalomaniacal Superwolf

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    I've tried to describe this process before. Imagine a vast open space and dense fog. You can see ten fifteen feet in front of you, but further than that it's a thick mist. You can see shapes, outlines, colors, but everything takes on an ethereal quality. You see a basic nature to everything. Seeing the complete form takes time and attentiveness. If you don't dismiss it right away. If you let the images linger... they evoke emotional states, connections and understanding. My thoughts are not solid. They are archetypal in nature.
    "We ascribe beauty to that which is simple; which has no superfluous parts; which exactly answers its end; which stands related to all things; which is the mean of many extremes." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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    Often in words (the form is auditive - the same speed like speaking them), and sometimes in pictures, when something is complicated and not already understood. When I draw something, I can combine both ways.
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    I'm very much a visual thinker. Mostly I think in images, moving pictures or geometrical shapes. Often I see diagrams and charts of some sort in my head, too.

    But I have a lot of inner monologues/dialogues doing on, at any given time. Those are mostly in words and sentences.

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    When you say think in words do you mean you actually visualize them or "hear" them or sth else?

    My mind is usually a mix of snap shots, videos, colours, smells, feelings and other forms of perception. When I`m deep in thought my minds voice speaks in english most of the time (which is not my mother language) accompanied with the appropriate mental pictures. If I deliberately try to focus on a single trail of thought the others fade a little in the background, but are still there to turn back on if that singled out thought was not what I searched for.
    But like TheMonocle said, it`s not eyesight clear, everything is slightly blurred.

    It`s similar to how I remember new people I meet. If I don`t know them good enough I usually don`t recall their names until I prod on the mental image I have of them and when I see their face clearly enough I usually recall the right name to go with it.
    .:"Claude os, aperi oculos.":.

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    I have noticed that teenagers think in motion. I can see this when they talk. They physically describe what they are talking about with body motions.

    I must admit this annoys me as I prefer to keep my body still while talking and allow my words to delineate the feeling, the thought or the action.

    I have often wondered why teenagers think in motion, particularly as it annoys me. And I think it is partly conformity because all the other teenagers think in motion. And of course teenagers want to belong more than they want to be free.

    And of course a command of English does set us free and delineate us as mature individuals - the last thing a teenager wants.

    I notice it more with teenage boys and I think this is because all girls have superior verbal ability, whereas the teenage boys are thrown back on the physical.

    I can see this with bullying as well. As teenage boys bully physically, while teenage girls bully verbally.

    And although I like to think in words, I also like to turn off the words and dance.

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    I think primarily in words. There's never a moment when there are no words and just an image. I can't reason silently, in my head. When I problem-solve, I prefer to use a hypothetical situation. So, in my head, I usually hear my own voice explaining my thoughts and feelings as if someone where there listening, much the same way I am typing this post now. Often times, I even create a visual scenario in my head. I imagine the how the tone of my voice, my gestures the position of my body would affect people. I see their body language and can hear their reactions in their voice.

    Perhaps, this just qualifies as normal daydreaming. Even if so, that's how I approach almost everything. I would never use numbers, graphs, lists, etc.

    When trying to understand a complicated idea, it helps to formulate an image in my head or use metaphors. It's actually almost essential if I am reading or listening to someone speak, such as during a lecture.

    Funnily enough, I am nineteen years old and male. I definitely do communicate with my body. Unless I am uncomfortable, my hands and head move every which way while speaking. If I'm talking while I'm not seated, my arms and legs will be everywhere too.

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    I do I do I think in words!!!

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    Just think of a movie. That's how my brain works.
    Motion pictures, sound, words.

    Julie Andrews is singing right now and running through the hills.
    Where the hell did she come from?
    Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.
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