Maybe this is the wrong place to post this since I'm trying to connect it with type but I figure if its total fail then it can be moved to where it ought to be.

I've read a lot of books published from the introversion perspective, infact I've never read a book about understanding or coping with extroversion in the same way, which are at pains to suggest that introverts are no asocial, unsocial or anti-social, engaging in musings about balance.

Is it the same for extroverts? Or is extroversion something apart from the audience or other, I mean would you expect someone whose dress may suggest extroversion in company to behave the exact same way without it and is it because of the company/possibility of company specifically?

Is extroversion/introversion socially constructed, a formula between self and others, or is it an individual trait between ego and self or entirely integral? Which type do you imagine would find their traits advantageous because I can think of how each would be advantageous.