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    Default Are certain types more prone to certain disorders?

    I was thinking about this today, just randomly about mental disorders and how a lot of them could relate to certain types...and is there actually a close relation between someone's type and a disorder they might have?
    Like, say some people might believe a person with ADD may be an ENTP, or someone who tests as an ISFJ as it just all generalizations, since maybe an ISFJ may have ADD, and vice versa, or not?

    Here's a list of just stuff people might tend to correlate to each other, in my assumption and others:
    OCD - J's
    ADD - P's
    ADHD - probably E's...mostly P's
    Generalized Anxiety Disorder - All types
    Social Anxiety Disorder - Maybe I's?
    Depression - All types

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    I know an ENFJ with OCD and an ISTJ with OCD.... both J's.... seems to correlate.

    and there might be some connection with P's and ADD?
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    It's possible. I think the connection would more likely be that the disorder shapes personality, than that personality determines disorders.

    I am an INTP with ADHD, so I doubt any correlation is amazingly strong.

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    I'd appear ADD if something bored me. That's completely different though, and an act of will. If you see an SP seeming out of it, or turning their attention elsewhere, many are purposely doing it. Once you drive home the fun or practical point, they are on top of it and sharing the enthusiasm.

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    I wonder this too. I also wonder if some people are misdiagnosed because of their types.

    Until I started studying more on typology I thought my son was borderline OCD. Turns out he is just an ESFJ. I'm ENFP and my husband is ESTP, so all his J traits were throwing us for a major loop.

    My brother is ENTP. His daughter is ESFP both have been diagnosed with ADHD. I can be confused with having ADHD myself, but for all of us, I think it's just our types. (not saying that there is no valid ADHD)
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    INTJ and ADD here. I think ADD would be more correlated with N than P, given the fact that N and S deal with the mental and physical worlds respectively.

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    any type can have any disorder, and disorders could probably make someone look like they're not their type, but I'm not really sure which types are most likely to have specific disorders. My guess would have to be it depends more on genes and environment.

    I'm an ESTP with GAD & OCD. But, neither of them are severe, heck, they become less and less of a problem the older I get. When I was a kid, I was not in a good position as far as either went. I repeated actions, got agitated/panicky over more than I can list, and was really shy around my classmates.

    I was doing just fine with schoolwork and me being shy wasn't becoming too big an issue for me, my classmates weren't rude to me about it and I still got along with them, but my mom was through-and-through convinced I was austistic (I've told this story hundreds of times but wtf, might as well again).

    So she takes me to a counselor and after a couple of meetings it's decided that I have OCD & an anxiety disorder. I did regular visits just to talk until about the end of 7th grade, even though the worst was over by 6th grade.

    My mom is an xSFJ and was clinically depressed and has OCD too. I know a good handful of IxxJs who are depressed actually, along with two ENFPs. Both are severely depressed, one has ADD, and the other has ADHD, PTSD, is an alcoholic, and anger management issues.

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