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    When I get really anxious it is usually that I don't have the skills or I don't understand the situation or haven't experienced it yet. I think the only way I have found is to fix those. Learn more skills, learn about how to do it, talk to someone that has done it or read about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abstract Thinker View Post
    I've had a couple dozen panic attacks. Even if I had any enemies, I wouldn't wish a panic attack on them. It's awful.

    I had a scrip for Klonopin for a long time, which as I understand it is in the Xanax family -- not as strong, but longer lasting.

    I'm in a new city and thinking about getting them again. They work great.
    Yeah, panic attacks are really not fun...

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    I can relate a lot to the OP, (not about talking or picking up the phone), but I have extreme anxiety as well. Mine is not precipitated by anything obvious, but I'm finally starting to find some patterns. I don't have much to tell you. We have a thread about anxiety attacks here. I find that a lot of anxiety management is about finding what works for you- and gaining some perspective about yourself and what causes the anxiety. It sounds like you are already starting to do so.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady X View Post
    anyway...regarding the op. is it about talking to someone...asking for something...or just doing something you've never done...or just don't want to do?
    It's a lot like Jennifer or Seymour said. It seems to have somehing to do with dismissal. I'm not comfortable with asking for things, or proposing plans, or giving my opinion on something. When I do those things, I'm prepared to be reprehended, or something to that effect.

    EDIT: But I should add that doing things I've never done, or that I don't think I know anything, does make my anxiety much worse. I think that's the normal response, but it does interact with the other elements mentioned in this thread. I can compose myself better if I think I know what I'm talking about.
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    Although I've never had a panic attack, I still do experience a lot of social anxiety, namely I fear rejection. this extends to just about any means of communication, be it phone, or face-to-face, or online. I don't know why, but for the most part I can hardly start conversations with other people on my own. I start thinking that they don't want to talk to me, and thus will ignore me or shut me down even though they are very good friends. So I end up not talking to anybody unless they talk to me first. And I hate it.

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    so...does that make it social anxiety? it's a feeling of incompetence relating to others?

    i've had anxiety too but it's not about other people or anything i have to's about what will go my brain goes into overdrive and stresses me out until my body just shuts down or something.
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    my anxiety is bizarro.

    for me it is completely unrealistic fears of awful things that might happen to me or somebody i love.

    i spend WAY too much time wandering around in my head whilst down the rabbit hole, but when i come out of both of those places i do okay. (not often enough though.)

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    I hate phones. I get nervous making phone calls because I can't understand anyone on the other goddamn line!
    It's hard for me to relate to you mostly, so I'm probably going to give mediocre advice on this, but whenever I get nervous for something, like a speech about something I didn't even prepare, or afraid to see someone I really don't want to see and don't know how to handle it, I take a shot...or a can, or a bottle. Anything that can physically calm me down when rationalization fails. If that's not available, I don't see any other way to avoid the situation, and just charge it head-first.

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