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    Actually I seldom get outwardly stressed, and I'm not usually aware if I am inwardly, either. The first I know of it, if I am, is if I find that just brushing against a wall or lightly hitting my back against a door or something, really hurts. Because my muscles are all so tense and therefore tender. That happens sometimes, but I still don't really realise what the cause of it is. I can seldom point to something and say "I'm stressed because X is making me feel Y".

    Most stuff just turns into anger, if it's bad stuff, and if that builds up to a point that's unpleasant enough for me to notice or to impinge on how I feel, I just get drunk til I pass out. Then it's gone in the morning. I don't really need to do that more often than say, once every couple of months, though if the stress is particularly bad (like a family member dying and me having to do all the arrangements for example) then I'll probably spend a good couple of weeks mostly either drunk or hungover, until I realise I'm making more than one trip to the bottle bank per week to keep enough room on my desk to see the PC screen past the bottles. Then I figure it's time to kick it, and I stop. Yep, just like that

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    aerobic exercise
    deep breathing
    avoiding simple carbohydrates

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    You cut it up and eat in in small, reasonable bites.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mystic Tater View Post
    [LIST][*]How do you manage stress? (mentalities, activities, etc.)
    When I'm extremely stressed, I usually go into high gear problem solving mode. I feel better once I've gotten some answers.
    To destress, I go for walks, write, sit outside at night or in the rain, listen to music, socialize, and take long baths.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mystic Tater View Post
    [*]Does stress make it hard for you to focus?
    No. Stress makes me hyperfocus. I'm very calm under high stress. It's also the only time I really do things in an orderly, methodical fashion. The hyperfocus drives me to go without food and sleep sometimes, so I have to make a conscious effort to remember my body.
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