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    Lightbulb HELP! -> How would you approach a thesis?

    Hi, It's Ming again; today I'd just like to ask how you people (many of you I have observed have excellent writing skills) how you approach a thesis.

    So for example, there's a topic 'eg, the Astrology - Are you a believer', and you are asked to write an essay/response to that topic.

    I'm finding it difficult (I don't think I'm doing well in essay responses, especially analysis of a certain piece of play, or literature) to put more depth in an argument. My teachers have told me that I cover a lot of area, but don't put any depth. In the end, I have the same marks as those who are accurate and precise, yet only focus on one aspect of the thesis (Eg, Characters, Setting, Themes, etc.).

    I naturally don't like to use 'complex' words in an essay, I like to point out the facts, and put quantity over quality. That's why I need to grasp every word to perfection.

    I'm asking the analyzers (The Ts!) and others. How would you approach it? What are some of your tips? How do you add more depth? Do you make a mental plan or a writing plan? Or does it come naturally as you write along?
    (It'd also be nice if you give some extra tips on how to right a response. Did you see the pun? For example, talk about how you should place your paragraphs in an easily understandable structure, etc.)


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    Hi Ming,

    I'll describe how I wrote my response to your question here, as an example process of what I normally do.

    First I make sure, that I'm familiar with the topic and definitions in the given context. If I feel that my understanding of it is good enough to start writing right off the bat I do so, but if not, which was the case now, I'll do some research first.

    So in your case I was not sure what the definition of an essay is, so I headed to Wikipedia and looked it up, to find out that it is not so much an argument in favor of one thing or the other, but a way of expression to enlighten the reader and follow a stream of thoughts that might bring up new questions.

    As I'm writing this, I ask myself wether or not you were aware of this definition when you started the topic.

    I had the general outline of my response in my mind, but nothing specific, this just pours out of my fingertips as I'm writing it. I don't focus on style or witty wordplays when doing so, I just let it out of my mind. Mainly unfiltered and not validated later on.

    I also very seldom go back in the text to edit some passages. Take it as it comes.

    I try to structure the text however using spacing and short sentences.
    Not so much for myself but for the reader. I wrote my diploma thesis on usability and try to apply these principles whenever I write stuff.

    To come back to your question: Be sure to know what question you want to answer or in turn ask with your essay. If you know this, everything will
    come naturally as you write along
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