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Thread: Reinvention

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    Smile The Last Day

    Quote Originally Posted by Sky is BLUE! View Post
    I wake up every morning, thinking that "This is the first day of the rest of my life!".
    And I wake up every morning thinking this may be the last day of my life.

    And thinking this may be the last day, I ask myself, "Victor, what would you like to do today?".

    And then I think, "What a lovely thing to say, Victor, why don't we go out together?".

    "Why don't we have another lovely day together, just like yesterday?".

    "Why don't we escape together out into the world?".

    "And as there is nothing more beautiful than the human face, let us come face to face, one beautiful face to another".

    And there are beautiful faces everywhere.

    I look into their eyes, for their eyes are the windows of the soul - pools of infinity, hiding humour and warmth, intelligence and common decency.

    And all this on the last day.

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    With reinvention of physical things like my body I. Just. Don't. Care.

    With behavioural things I care a tad more as it can relate to personal growth, but as much as I appreciate new physical experiences I don't need constant reinvention there.

    With changing environment I have major urges to constantly change, things like moving house or changing jobs regularly keep me feeling satisfied, stay too long in one place doing the same thing and I lose focus and interest.

    With personal development, self awareness or personal interest things I'll go through larger projects from time to time that may be more stagnant but it is something that must be continually moving and changing.

    Basically, I can handle constant change way better than stagnation.

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    I tend to view my "self" as constant, but I get bored and tired of life if there isn't any growth or new situations in which to apply my thinking. Kind of like right now.

    While I love to learn new things and improve my thinking, I tend to not be too concerned about reinventing myself versus trying to reinvent my surroundings and keep that shifting instead. If I were trying to reinvent "myself" I think I'd lose a bit of a concept of who I was. I would think it'd be quite tumultuous.

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    be careful, if you reinvent your self too often you may just end up being diagnosed as a schizophreniac and get thrown into an asylum. On the other hand, if you're filthy rich, like Madonna, then go ahead, at worst you will be diagnosed as eccentric.

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