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    Aside from being an expression of your thoughts and actions (aka, your reality), what else could the "real you" be?

    I suppose this could suggest that we have flawed self-concepts of ourselves and so after trauma we gain insight into ourselves.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Malcontent View Post
    What's your thoughts about this quote?
    It's in one of the best tv show ever, OZ

    Augustus Hill: (narrating) If you listen to the poets, they'll tell you that a big, bad event in someone's life changes them. If you lose the woman you love or your legs, you suddenly find a kind of beauty inside yourself. That's what they say, the poets. Truth is, you don't. After a big, bad event, you only become more of the person you already were. It's after a big, bad event that you find out the real person you always were inside

    I think it's absolutely the truth.
    I think it can seem to be the truth for some but it's definatly not an absolute truth, or actual truth at all.

    There are so many factors that define 'who we are'. That it's shallow to assume we have this person inside of us that has been there since we're born. That said, I'm also not a religious person. I can see why religious people would think like this though. With the whole 'soul' idea and all.

    I've had a bad event in my life, before it I was immature and young. For a time after it I was rebellious and distant. Until I decided who and what I wanted to be and became who I am now. Who I am now has never been inside of me all along. Who I am now is what I've built during my experiences of life. I am a constant change, the only difference is that I've learned a few tricks on how to focus that change into directions that appeal to me. I also had many good events in my life, and although they don't seem to impact as much as the bad things. (What's good is good and needs no change, eh?) They are still taken into the equation for deciding which path is the right one to take, and thus hold equal value of importance when you look at the big picture. Bad events do not directly lead to personal change. Bad events just lead to realization, and that realization then leads to change. So it us us ourselves that cause change within ourselves, based on our experiences.

    That seems much more likely to be 'absolutely the truth' to me.
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    I don't see the two possibilities as necessarily mutually exclusive. Neither of the two are guaranteed, in addition.

    It sounds cool though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bamboo View Post
    What is the "real you?"
    I think the real you is an integrated whole.

    This is interesting because, if we are lucky, we are constantly changing. So the problem becomes, how can integrate constant change into the whole?

    I think part of the solution is to develop a taste for change, for the new. And then develop a taste for integrating changes into one another.

    It's a bit like developing an appetite for change and integration.

    It seems to me to be the opposite of a linear, sequential teleology.

    Unfortunately literacy has taught us to look for ends and means, to look for end results and the means to get there.

    Fortunately the electronic media are teaching us there are no ends and means, but simply a never ending conversation that grows richer and deeper and more complex, quite like our conversation here.

    The electronic media are teaching us that we are like the double helix, underpinning all life. We have no goal, it's that we become richer and more complex as we evolve, if we're lucky.

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    Maybe. I'll be able to tell you in about year.
    Currently submerged under an avalanche of books and paper work. I may come back up for air from time to time.
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    You're always yourself. Whether you put on a mask or are rundown by the tediousness of life itself. You simply don't test your inner strength and character until the need arises.

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