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Thread: Online Behavior

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rainne View Post
    I find I am better at articulating my thoughts online than offline.
    Me too!

    My grammar slips everywhere when I talk IRL.
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    "Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience." - Greg King
    The worst mistake people make in political arguments is assuming that the other side is not trying to do the right thing. This simple oversight makes productive conversation nearly impossible.

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    I'd say that I'm more likely to be more open, given the fact that my online identities are significantly less associated with my real identity. Furthermore, I seem to say less about my seething disdain for those who have no sense of tact when it comes to topics regarding disasters, wars, ETC.
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    I've had three American girlfriends as I thought the best way to learn the culture was on the pillow. So meeting Americans online is the first time I have met them en masse.

    And I must say, I am appalled.

    It's one thing meeting an individual American here but to meet them en masse is something else altogether.

    I walked up to the Australian National Art Gallery the other day and was looking at paintings by the Australian painter, Albert Tucker.

    Albert also met Americans en masse for the first time in Melbourne during the war, and he was appalled.

    He was so appalled he made a series of paintings called, "Images of Evil", where he depicted American soldiers as pig-like, grinning and clutching the meager frames of young women in bawdy red lipstick, as if possessions or prizes of war, representing a clear confusion as to what war actually reaps.

    But, of course, you reap what you sow.

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    Online, I discuss any topic I find interesting. I also give more personal information. It seems strange to feel more comfortable sharing with strangers that I will never meet. In person, I speak far less. Faaar less.

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    I think I am pretty similar off and online. What feedback I get from people off and on about me is pretty much the same.

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