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Thread: Online Behavior

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    I'm 100% reel online

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    I'm more worried about social consequences irl, and so generally say less. I tend to speak my actual mind online, but then go back and delete my posts. In a weird way that is the same as irl, except I just think it before I delete it. Overall I do say more online about depression and annoyance.

    Edit: irl or online I don't try to be something different than I am, but I tend to do a lot of editing where I try to provide the least information possible - moreso irl
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    I'm more open on the internet for sure, but still on the quiet side of things. My shyness carries over when I get nervous when people comment on my posts, even though I want them to notice them. I'm very reserved irl and not very good at friending to say the least. On the internet I can be more of my goofball self, where as people on campus see me as the shy sweet one(though it reins true here I think too). I feel like I can speak freely more here, though with it being a forum, when I post it's almost like perfecting a story, like irl how I rehearse things before I speak.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gromit View Post
    Do you behave differently in online in interactions than you do in real life interactions? How so? (e.g. more aggressive, plan what you're going to say more, etc.)
    The verbal part of my brain is engaged more online. IRL I like to speak in shorter simpler sentences, or only use 1-2 words at a time. Online there is more time for reflection and for creating more complex thought structures and sentences lol. I also read less of nonverbals of people online because they are just text to my brain unless I've met them IRL because then I can "imagine" into the online interaction how their person is in reality. It all becomes more personal IRL (in a good way). So online I get extra logical and detached compared to IRL if I'm not careful. But I also initiate more interaction online so in that way I get more engaged.

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