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    Quote Originally Posted by Invisiblemonkey View Post
    It looks like this topic refers to people who are so sensitive, that the worse things in life wear on them the more easily, therefore making them callous more quickly than anyone else. In hypothesis, some if not a good deal of logical people simply adapt logic as a personal policy because we can't handle our own feelings, not unlike Vulcans. Conversely, those of us who do that don't appear to have Pon Farr.
    Theoretically, one might say you don't appear to have Pon Farr in this case because you have changed so that you are constantly in Pon Farr. I'm sure you know what I mean, even if it seems like an absurd suggestion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by the soulless one View Post
    It depends on how you mean sensitive. Some people are very sensitive to others and are not callous, but others are indeed very sensitive and are often overly sensitive and they tend to be the most callous and crass people I come across as they take a slight or perceived attack or whatever, times what it really is ten-fold, and feel justified in behaving cruelly and callously to the 'offender' in a way far, far more severe and hurtful than what was ever actually done to them.
    ok, what's the most cruel behavior:

    taking very personal information about a certain person, maybe information which could deeply hurt someone if it got loose, and broadcasting it to the entire world so what ends up happening is that EVERYBODY and his little brother knows EVERYTHING (and i mean every little fucking detail) about this person. Meanwhile, she doesn't know (and i mean she really doesn't know) any of this is going on and often wonders why the fuck almost everybody is leering at her when she turns around.


    screaming a few choice words into the distant sky.



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