You got issues? You got issues kid?

Wadaya got? Ya got an Electra issue? Ya got an Oedipus issue?

Let's take 'em out into the back alley and kick 'em around a bit.

It's gotta be the back alley, 'cause they won't let us talk about 'em up front.

Yeah, Electra and Oedipus are issues that dare not say their names.

They started off not being polite - I mean it is just not polite talking about screwing your Mum and topping your Dad. But both Electra and Oedipus finished up being not PC, not politically correct.

Yet these are issues we can't face on our own - that we don't want to face on our own. And being unable to face them, they colour everything we do and say. We are like a colouring book, painted in glowing colours by Electra and Oedipus.

Yet they embarrass us, so we deny them - we deny them to their faces - so that we will seem quite normal.

And we laugh, we laugh at them because laughter gives us deniability. We are of course guilty in our desires, and it is our desires we deny.

And our desires drive us around like a carriage and pair while we just sit there, eyes agog, as the world passes us by.