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    I actually have a dream blog.

    I just log down nights that I remember my dreams.

    Ironically when I started to do that often, I started to have some of the coolest things in the world: lucid dreams.

    Speaking of that, I think I should update it...

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    I've had public, online journals for 10 years.
    I definitely consider myself to be Extraverted

    It's a lot about cataloging myself. Daily events, thoughts, personal growth, etc. I keep it public because i like to have all of my cards laid out on the table. I prefer people to know who i am if they are inclined to look and, maybe, indirectly gain something from some of it.
    Some have felt comfort in relating to what i've had to say. Some have told me i said something in a way they couldn't get it out. Some have utilized advice i've given to myself or on the whole.
    In the same token, there are some people who have tried to use what i've written against me. They've all pretty much failed, but it's because they witness a journal and don't ask me to elaborate. I chalk it up to misunderstanding and an abundance of insecurities/lack of confidence in themselves (which tends to be true).

    Some other good things...
    It's like my form of therapy and self-damage-control. I feel relieved after i get things down in it.
    It's great for keeping track of myself around certain times. I can look back and relive moments or remember moments.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to ask
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    The reason I ask is...

    I was always bad at the whole diary thing. I never saw the point, coz i would never reread what I wrote. On the other hand, when my head is messed up, taking quick notes seems to unload it, seems to give me the chance to organize everything that's in my head and fit it better inmy head, kinda like playing tetris and creating more storage space.

    So..I thought that blogs would help me log my personal growth while keeping it interesting coz others might find it useful, even if I didn't reread it. I ran into another problem though. I felt like I was overexposing myself, especially if people I knew read the blog. And, I found that I ran out of fuel soon.

    Now, I'm contemplating starting over. And have several blogs, all with their own identity. It'll give me the chance to track who I am and how I change, figure stuff out by writing it out and share what I've learned, something I enjoy tremendously while remaining anonymous..but there's another reason.

    I thought abuot the feeling of overexposion. Over the years I learned to compartmentalize what people I told what. How to not overload them with who I was. I'm not always successful but..most of the time, it works. People get uncomfortable if you get too intimate, personal and vent too much at them. They don't know how to deal. So I stopped doing it as much.

    On the other hand, when it's in a blog, people love it, for the drama and probably also coz they don't really have to respond back and have to give 'the proper response'
    Meanwhile, it does provide the opportunity to vent and rant..hell, that's what you're supposed to do on a blog, right?

    So I was wondering if anyone here uses their blog in this way, to vent, and , I'm also curious to hear if they find it eliminates their need to vent to friends and family. Does it work in the same way as doing it irl with a good friend?

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