I'm not sure which typological dynamic this example demonstrates, but it's freaking awesome. I believe - though I am not sure - it illustrates a wonderful way in which S and N (can) complement each other.

All this time I thought, "I'm a practical teacher, not one who is too theoretical or my head up in the clouds!" until I had a team teacher come in and show me how a REAL SP (maybe?) teaches a class.

DAMN that was fun! She was full of energy, ideas, and pep, but in a way very different than I had and about things I NEVER would have considered on my own. It was freaking amazing, but I just am too theoretical to come up with ideas like that. She was brilliant, but in a completely different way.

We were talking about sports, and we discussed and brainstormed initially, and I had handed out a text about baseball, football, and how to improve basketball skills. Later on, I had planned on showing them a video clip of different sports as well as Goofy cartoons showing 'How to play baseball/football' and highlights coverage.

I know my class LOVES sports, so I thought this class would be great.

In the morning, they were fantastic, but they were really antsy in the afternoon. Then, my team teacher says, "I think it's time to do some of the things in this handout!" This idea had never occurred to me because I conceptualize everything and imagine in my mind.

So then, that kicked my brain into action how to implement that jump-start she gave me.

After I had demonstrated the ideas in the handout in practice, and they did it themselves, so they were moving around. Then, we had had a competition of who could do the most sit-ups and push-ups (all in English of course). So they were EXPERIENCING the culture instead of conceptualizing it. All spontaneously thought out, of course, because the ideas had been presented at that moment.

Then, I noticed the ladies were bored, and the teacher said, "Hey, I bet you guys can't do a split!" And the girl said, "I can," and jumped up and showed us. Next, she did some dance moves (dance is a sport), and when one guy laughed, we made him get up and do it, and it was funny to see him try to do it.

After that, I did some Irish dancing and taught them some moves (this was related to the Scottish guy who came in yesterday and explained differences between Scottish and Irish music and dance).

However, it had occurred to me that these practical things could be implemented realized only because she was there. SO it was a wonderful thing, and I was really grateful because we shared, clicked, and it worked.

Then, when I told her that, she was shocked.

After that, it was my turn to be shocked as well.

She told me how wonderful she thought my lesson was, that I can understand the theory and explain it so clearly and succinctly. That I can act as an authority figure and guide the class towards goals in a way she finds hard. Furthermore, she said that I can encourage pupils to discuss and share in ways she had not considered. She marveled that I could give students free reign to think, but succinctly pull them back and gain control.

These are things I had never considered because they come so naturally to me. I had never really thought of them as strengths until someone pointed them out.

At the end we both agreed that we would make an awesome team, and I hope we can team teach in the summer. That would be freaking awesome.

So anyone who thinks that Ss and Ns cannot work together and have synergy is COMPLETELY mistaken. I love Ss and the ability for you guys to open possibilities I had never considered. In fact, I really look forward to working with this person rather than the curmudgeon I have had to deal with all week who drives me ape and bat shit crazy.