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    Default Exploring status quo bias in the human brain

    Exploring status quo bias in the human brain

    Exploring status quo bias in the human brain

    March 15, 2010

    The more difficult the decision we face, the more likely we are not to act, according to new research by UCL scientists that examines the neural pathways involved in 'status quo bias' in the human brain. More at link.

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    Maybe this is why some people stick to shitty situations in life even if they can get out of it? coupled with some attachment to the situation, the person may LIKE the status quo without realizing it. Women who have some memory of how their husbands 'used to be' so it makes it harder for them to leave the abusive relationship they are in now. They are faced with the decision of cutting off something they have invested emotionally in and thus the status quo gets a grip on them. I guess we can't call them daft now, the odds are stacked against them by their own physical brain.
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