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    I've only just noticed this myself, and it seems to have developed from a compulsion to read absolutely everything. I do it with the books I am reading, billboards, chalkboards, newspapers, etc. It slightly explains the superfluous information in my brain and the odd looks I get from people on public transportation. It appears I've been reading their newspapers and what not from across the way.

    I think my ability/need to read as such is psychological though. It was once an unconscious compulsion, and I've only just begun to notice it more and more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zoom View Post
    If you ever learn to speed read it involves a method of "taking a picture" of the page as you get faster and faster at it. I didn't actually like learning how to do it, so I stopped - it takes some of the fun out of reading.
    Quote Originally Posted by YourLocalJesus View Post
    I have noticed a lot recently that I read things unconsciously.
    I mean, I do not focus on reading a line, like I usually do.
    In fact, it can be while I am focusing on reading another line,
    and my unconscious mind has been reading the entire page already.
    I do this a lot. Especially in the evenings when I feel the most awake and sort of quirky.
    Don't get me wrong, it is not my attention that is drifting away reading other lines.
    I get that sometimes, too, if I am distracted by something.
    This crap is just creepy, sort of.

    I don't realize this all the time, it is mostly when I think about something and pieces of information comes bubbling up after I have been reading a part of an article.
    Now we are talking oddly specific stuff. Had it happening to me with a news article the other day, and then I knew it wasn't just me confusing things for something else or remembering wrong.
    I have a 22" screen, and the article I read was in the dead center.
    I later remembered the contents of a small article to the far right of the screen.
    Went back and checked since I realized this half an hour later or so.
    I never really directly read it. It's one of those women's columns that i'd not touch with a ten foot pole.
    That's probably why it came floating up, since it wasn't really part of my mental habitat

    Does this happen to anyone else?
    Why does it happen? Physiological reasons? Psychological?
    I "learned how" to speed read from some books (ironic i guess). I would say what YLJ describes is more like autistic savants that can read a page a second by scanning. They seem to have a direct access to their memory, but they cant really process what they've read/remembered.

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    I realized a while ago that I read as many lines are in my field of vision. The average is three depending how far away I hold the book.

    It isn't so much that I am reading them, as it is I am recognizing the words and how they relate to the actual sentence I am reading.

    Just general association stuff, but I have noticed it gives me a broader understanding of the content.

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