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    Quote Originally Posted by raz View Post

    ENTJ: There's always an "I win" plan. You just have to find it.
    I love that, that is excellent

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    ESTJ: Sometimes, you need to be grounded, thick-skinned, and self-sufficient in life in order to achieve what needs to be done and actualize the plan you have in mind.
    ESFJ: Every occasion calls for certain types of social etiquette and expectations, which will only better improve the way you approach and interact with others, since in the end, your actions affect people.
    ISFJ: Patience, kindness, and endurance has it's virtues, since helpfulness toward others can prove both beneficial to society and rewarding to yourself.
    ISTJ: Rules and responsibility play a crucial rule in establishing an orderly, well-structured and efficient society and keeping everyone from going insane.

    INTP: Life has concrete logical explanations that can only be determined when dissociating from the emotions that make you think irrationally and learning to accept the harsh truth as it is.
    ENTP: Instead of rigidly holding on to your own perspective, try to analyze and play with everyone else's objectively every once in a while in order to keep an open mind and keep yourself from getting stuck in a rut.
    ENTJ: In order to become successful in life, you need to have a vision and aggressively fight for it, at the expense of what other people think.
    INTJ: It is good to be strong-minded and have a vision you methodically want to achieve, but never to be point of obsessiveness, perfection, or single-mindedness.

    INFJ: You need to trust your instincts and learn not to second-guess yourself when reaching a conclusion, since there is so much more depth than we're able to see at surface level.
    ENFJ: You need to take time to learn about and understand people before coming to judgments, and the only way to do so is by opening up and getting involved.
    INFP: You need to be true to yourself and become your own best friend before you can even consider becoming involved with someone else, since if you don't learn to please yourself above all, you will ultimately lose touch with yourself and end up living someone else's life.
    ENFP: Life is a maze full with endless possibility, so in life, there truly is no right or wrong answer, since everything can come together and form something bigger than you'd ever imagine.

    ESFP: Sometimes, you need to let loose, live in the present moment, and have fun, since living and thinking too much in your own head can be hazardous to your health.
    ISFP: You need to understand your own feelings and learn to be easygoing, self-reliant and independent instead of relying on others too much to guide you and keep you company.
    ISTP: There is always a practical solution that becomes rather obvious once you just let go of what society thinks and start analyzing your environment objectively.
    ESTP: You need to accomplish whatever you can in the short amount of time you have on earth and live without constant worrying or restraints.

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    INTPs: Depth of thought (its worked out well so much that I've mistyped as INTP)
    INTJs: Managing Efficiency
    ENTJs: How to lead effectively and powerfully
    ESTJs: Their individual weaknesses so I can rip them apart when they piss me off

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    From Ti doms, the value of precision.

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