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i'm a third year psych major.....recently I met someone who has turned my life around, he is the only thing i feel passionate about really, i've lost the passion to study and finish my degree, i just have no yearning for it. i LOVE to study and learn, but not psychology anymore....i think the system is so flawed and corrupt, it leaves me with bitterness.
My new passion is religion and well loving my boyfriend, learning how to love myself, which i never knew how to do before....

So yeah...the question is, should I do what my dad has asked of me and finish my degree???
The first two lines sum it up. You met someone who has turned your life around by making you uninspired when it comes to everything but him? Every time I've fallen in love, even the most ugly things start to seem beautiful. The mountains become mole hills. But here you have met the love of your life and your interest has plummeted, you've become bitter and you've ground to a halt?

Why does the degree suddenly look so bad? It would be good for you to finish, and I'd hope he'd support you in it or look to do what's best for you.