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    Quote Originally Posted by INTP View Post
    Retarded people are able to think more simply than normal people. Many times when normal guy is trying to figure out some simple things they might miss the answer simply because the answer is so simple that they cant think like that. If it was some retarded guy trying to figure the same thing out he most likely would get it in a second.

    I'm prepared to put your bigotry to one side and give you a big ENFP
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    Quote Originally Posted by INTP View Post
    i wasnt addressing to that dyslexia topic with this topic. but there as been a trend of making topics like this with aspengers and what ever, and that has been bothering me a bit since surely every disability like dyslexia or aspengers have some good in them. but overally its as dumb as saying that being retarded is a gift since you can find something good with being retarded like you can find good things about having dyslexia or what ever.
    Finding a silver lining is great. Everyone has gifts that are the result of pain and personal handicaps, but that doesn't erase or minimize the negative. If I lose both of my my legs tomorrow, I might be given a new lease on life, but I'm STILL disabled because I cannot walk the way most humans can, and I still require extra help.
    It's all just about whether or not you consider the good to outweigh the bad - if, had you a choice, you would choose your place in life again?
    This is one hell of a patronizing thread!

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    Haven't you people read Flowers for Algernon?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Windigo View Post
    Haven't you people read Flowers for Algernon?
    I know one group of people who definitely hasn't read it.

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