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    Quote Originally Posted by Skyward View Post
    I was wondering what types could have a vivid imagination as INFJs seem to be associated with one. To define for this thread: A vivid imagination is the ability to easily see pictures and 3D forms in your mind rather than just the idea of something.

    For myself, if I focus I can get a hazy, fog-covered picture of something, whereas a few of my friends claim to see an almost perfect picture and focus to get more detail into it. They are all artists to some degree.
    With your definition, yes, I have a strong imagination. I can put away memories and dreams and go back to them and re-examine the details and reanalyse them and look at them for things I might have missed at first. And I can create a picture in my mind if I want to but I don't often do that.
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    I guess so. Not exactly sure, although sometimes the face seemed to be hazy but the environment not really.

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