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    So being arrogant/assertive/aggressive can really be helpful in various situations (to a point; looking like a fool is not helpful).

    Some people get turned off by assertiveness. The assertive person is moving too quickly for the more mellow one to participate, something like that.

    So this could be problematic if the mellow person has something worthwhile to offer the assertive one. And I assume that the mellow person usually does. So I have this idea of a balancing act, a push and pull: to be aggressive enough to cut through bullshit and receive leeway from people, but to be receptive enough to soak up what the people around you have to offer.

    The balancing act is expensive; one must pay attention both to maintaining and qualifying the assertion and to remaining receptive so they do not miss out on opportunities and details.

    An alternative is to just kinda ignore people who do not 'step up'. This approach is clean and less expensive than the 'balancing act'. NTJs can be an example of this approach. But I dont like this option; maybe its because I am an F or maybe its because its Better to consider as much information as possible (read: the balancing act is more useful than ignoring people).

    Thoughts? This isnt especially reasoned out, but, well, out of time

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    The balancing act may be more expensive, but typically provides a better result than being assertive to the point of making mellow people withdraw or withdrawing from the mellow people by default.
    Some things in life come easily, but the majority of them require a degree of work to reach a worthy outcome. You have to weigh the worth of such things and your own ability/desire to expend time and energy.

    We know i'm F too (and certainly doomed as an ENFJ), so my opinions sway toward it being worth it. Really, maybe the main thing that being an F does for you here is make your ability to balance an assertive side more difficult.
    It's what it does for me even if i recognize the positives.

    I would consider how many things in existence would be better if you could find a balance or a middle-ground. Obviously opinions will differ, but it is ideal.

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    4.5 logs

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    A process will always have a limiting factor - with a world of nearly 7 billion, in most circumstances not having enough people (for which you could be selective) is not the limiting factor. For every person that thinks one to be too assertive, there are hundreds of others that would feel fine. The great thing about a large global population is how expendable persons can be.

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