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    Default Sending thoughts through the air

    I remember one night at college where my INTP friend and I played this game where we sent thoughts to each other.

    We would ask the other person to think as clearly as possible about a number or an animal and try to "send it" mentally to the other person. We were right about 95% of the time.

    This is way before I had even known about MBTI, or about "intuition" in mbti terms, but as I reflect back on it, I can't help thinking that it was related to intuition in some way. More likely Ni than Ne.

    I am not exactly a likable, people magnet, but this was one of those rare persons who I became friends with instantly. We just walked up to each other, started talking and it turned out we had some eerily similar quirky hobbies and interests right down to the specific details. So perhaps this could help account for the high accuracy?
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    Yes, telepathy. Using the power of the mind to gain knowledge that is extracted from another mind. Whether it is real or not I am skeptical. I have learnt about the different auras and chakras people can radiate in which we receive as a feeling of that person. It also gives the feeling of 'presence'. Whether or not thoughts can be radiated from the mind in a similar manner may give insight to believing in such a phenomenon.

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    i dunno but scientifically it sort of makes sense

    everything with a current gives off some sort off radiation. with tv, cellphones, remote controls, wi-fi, etc we have learnt to harness that radiation and code useful info in it

    our brains are full of electrical signals; why the hell wont it obey the laws of physics and give off some sort of electromagnetic signal too? if you can tune in to your friend, perhaps you have the right antenna, you are on the same frequency...

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    Quote Originally Posted by purplesunset View Post
    my INTP friend and I
    Try it with a stranger, see if it works. I doubt it.

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