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    Default we teach others how to treat us

    the theory is, people will naturally do what they can, and they will do as much as you let them do.
    that is, in a frictionless psychological vacuum - so we can ignore all other psychological factors like the individual's existing habits around people - one's permissiveness change how others respond, rather than to do what their own impulses say to do regardless of other people's action.

    remember we're talking about habits vs. habits, not specific actions. everything here is subject to circumstance - meaning, sometimes the theory won't hold true, but not because of our own action, but just because the circumstances don't allow, or don't call for it.

    that's why i brought it up about the psych. vacuum. there aren't any circumstances there. we can really just examine the habits' interaction.

    who agrees? if you agree, you don't need to explain why... i just did.
    but if you disagree, well that's another case entirely. why do you disagree?

    if you have any offshooting theories, put them here.
    we fukin won boys

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    I agree somewhat. I talked about this subject to a female friend of mine who constantly let herself being taken advantage of.

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