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Is it reasonable to believe that attractive people are more likely to be extroverts? Maybe not necessarily "extroverts" according to the cognitive functions, but just more outgoing and bombastic. Of course this has obvious typological implications as well.

It seems like this guy:

would be much more inclined to want to curl up into a ball and never interact with society. While this sexy beast:

would want everybody to notice him and thus be more inclined to interact with his outer world.

Of course beauty is somewhat subjective, but if a person is decently attractive, it seems like they would inevitably realize it due to the reactions of those around them. If somebody is attractive, perhaps they experience more positive interactions, fueling their extroversion. If somebody is less attractive, perhaps they experience more negative interactions, fueling their reclusiveness.

Obviously the umbrella assumption enveloping this thread is that society as a whole is very superficial.

Am I being a complete douche, or is there a trend? Thoughts?
Short answer: No. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.