I can concentrate on something for a long time.. 5 years on one something that requires effort, but not all the time.. Subtasks, months long.. intense concentration. Usually very good results in the end.

I notice it's easy to fall into a habit of doing essentially the same thing for a long time, even if it weren't very useful or good for me. This isn't OCD, my things vary enough that it isn't. Anyone experiencing things like these?

I can put a great deal of many different things in a day, and I can manage the switches from task to task, but it would be easiest for me to not change the task at all during the whole day (at least whem I'm stressed out). That kind of shit doesn't make me the happiest though.

When I'm happiest, I do perhaps 4-6 different things during the day, like surf the net, meet friend A, do work B, meet friend C, go to the gym and play some games. It requires me to be on a healthy, happy mood to do all that. I'm tired of that (so many task switchs) if I'm stressed out.