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Thread: Psychopathy

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    Quote Originally Posted by teslashock View Post
    Still unsure? Just take this simple 20 question test!

    You scored 15 on Emotional Detachment and 9 on Chaotic Lifestyle!
    You are not quite a psycho, but you have problems in one of the aspects of psychopathy: emotional detachment. Something is wrong with the way you feel emotions, your empathy is too low, you may have narcissistic tendencies. The only thing that doesn't make you snap and become a psycho, is your stable lifestyle - perhaps you have a loving family, or a generally good situation, or you were simply taught to live like that, but it seems to be enough.

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    Your result for The Psychopathy Test ...

    True Psychopath
    You scored 17 on Emotional Detachment and 19 on Chaotic Lifestyle!

    Congratulations, you are both emotionally detached, and you lead a chaotic lifestyle, which may indicate there's something seriously wrong with you. A combined score of 30 or more on this test supports a diagnosis of psychopathy. You are likely to commit, or already have commited, a crime. Stay away from knives, guns etc. although with your brilliant and versatile mind you will probably think of a dozen other ways of hurting whoever you feel like hurting.

    If your combined score is 5 or less, you are completely average compared to general population. If your combined score is 20 or more, you have a mind of a true criminal. If your combined score is 30 or more, you have a mind of a psycho.

    Awesome. I'm the most psychopathic person in this thread!
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    The defining characteristic of psychopathy or rather sociopathy is the failure to develop a conscience, the lack of conscience is generally masked in some way therefore this masking behaviour can lead to comparisons with narcissism or traits that the disorders share.

    I dont think typology deals with conscience and the traits that correspond to each type can be debated, for instance the point about the difference between making decisions on the basis of feeling or thinking and the lack of either altogether.
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