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    Quote Originally Posted by Timeless View Post
    Out of the box female role models:

    Queen Victoria, Violet Marcell, Adriana Lima, Goldie Hawn etc.

    In the box role female models:

    Hillary Clinton, Paris Hilton, Tyra Banks, Madonna etc.
    Thank you. Spot on.
    Isn't it time for a colourful metaphor?

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    What makes Paris Hilton, Madonna and Tyra Banks role models? They're awful. I'd hate to see my kid idolise either one of them.

    Or... was that a joke?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaveri View Post
    What makes Paris Hilton, Madonna and Tyra Banks role models? They're awful. I'd hate to see my kid idolise either one of them.

    Or... was that a joke?
    ...That's why I said "In the box role models"

    It's like that saying—I'm going to paraphrase it—everybody is an example to others, even if it's a bad example.

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    It's interesting that the search for female role models extends no further than popular culture.

    It is as though the horizon is that of popular culture.

    It is as though we can see no further than the event horizon of popular culture.

    And why should we be surprised as the black hole of popular culture produces its own event horizon that blinds us to the rest of the universe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xander View Post
    Precisely. But is it fair to try and have a sexually neutral measure or is that just unfair to both sexes?
    How would it be unfair to both sexes? Are you referring to military service or contribution to society? Shouldn't evaluation of a contribution be measured for its own merits and not in the context of a gender. Perhaps you could give an example.

    There is an unconscious bias against women's contribution today as a result of history. For example, when your think of the pinnacle of human achievement in terms of the arts, there is Mozart and Monet. It is long forgotten that Mozart's sister Marianne demonstrated the same prodigy as a child, but grew up to be a lady instead of composer. What if Wolfgang with all his brilliance lived in a time where he was to become a gentleman and not composer (assuming the same distinction between the two given to women). What would it be like to have that brilliance inside, but to be dismissed because your body was the wrong gender? Because of the ability to maintain anonymity, female authors were able to make an earlier mark. Similarly, it is likely that Fanny Mendelssohn had her works published under Felix's name because it was unseemly for a lady to work as a composer, and so a penname allowed some of her works to survive. In the 1880s a form of therapy for women suffering from depression was non-activity because it was believed that too much thinking and lack of focus on domestic duties was harmful to women causing depression and hysteria. How would it be if Einstein was given a regiment of bed rest and non-thought when he felt down because his thinking was harmful to him because it was unnatural and caused him to neglect his domestic requirements? What if any of the great male contributors to knowledge were evaluated as being "quite an impressive contribution for a man?"

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