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    Not so good. I mostly see them as a necessary or not so necessary evil. Somebody gotta do it however...the SJ's need their idols so they will continue the grunt work/middle some form of balance/level handedness is often the best attribute although can also be tyranny of moderation.

    More troops to Afghanistan sent by the nobel peace prize winner...fuck.

    They always seem to disappoint me.
    I redact everything I have written or will write on this forum prior to, subsequent with and or after the fact of its writing. For entertainment purposes only and not to be taken seriously nor literally.

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    Spamtar - a strange combination of boorish drunkeness and erudite discussions, or what I call "an Irish academic"

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    I'd rather not be lead, but I dont want to lead either.
    I'd rather just chill in my creation
    But I treat my authority figures with respect either way. I usually don't have a problem with them.
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    ayoitsStepho is becoming someone else. Actually her true self, a rite of passage.

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