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    I cut when I was a teenager and stopped for good at about 21. I'm an INFx. I don't think I would have started cutting had I never heard anything about it. My sister cut herself first and I guess I sort of imitated her... And I also secretly hoped that someone would notice how sad and left-out I felt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jennifer View Post
    Great, now we'll have people cutting themselves with music. (C sharp, anyone?)

    I just happened to read something about cutting today which was a bit random and made me think of this thread. Synarch and Jennifer have already touched on it though.

    Cutting is a sensory distraction (and consequently potentially addictive). It involves a stimulation of the senses in order to immediately avoid feeling the original pain of a situation. The pain of cutting is more manageable than the overwhelming pain we are seeking to distract ourselves from.

    So I agree that it's a control thing. It would perhaps be more positive to face our pain. I can only speak for myself when I say sometimes whilst the pain I feel seems incredibly hard to face once I do face it, its not usually as bad or scary as I though/felt it would be. And with a bit of self understanding and acceptance on occasion it just vanishes.

    Ditto Jennifer re being aware of death early. Thats some perspective. You just don't know when someone or something is going to be ripped away from you - its out of our control.

    I tried but I can't find an Smilie with a tear in its eye but also a relaxed smile - yeah bittersweet.

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